Artist Biographies
Gene Sherman

Gene is an Idaho artist living in Idaho Falls, Idaho, who specializes in watercolors of wildlife and landscapes from the Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park areas.

Gene is the winner of the 2003 “Idaho Ducks Unlimited State Print” and D.U. Artist of the Year and the 2005 Idaho Ducks Unlimited  “Sponsors Print” competitions as well as several Idaho Watercolor Awards. 

Gene’s work can also be seen at the New Horizon Art Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wy.

More of Gene’s work can be seen on his web site    email     208- 522-5258

Will Nelson

Mr. Will Nelson is a professional graphic artist who was commissioned to paint 10 Bradford Plates as well as doing commercial art work for corporations like Chevron, Exxon, Boise Cascade and does site specific paintings for State of Idaho Parks and Recreation Department. Will is truly one of Idaho’s premier artists who recently published a childrens book that feature his illustrations.

More of Will’s work can be seen on his web site     email Mr. Nelson at          208- 884-3227

John Griffith

John has won numerous Idaho Watercolor Society awards and his work is sought after by many local art lovers. John love to paint local Idaho and Yellowstone landscapes including many Idaho farms and barns.  For more of John’s work, John can be contacted at  208-523-5555

Gloria Miller-Allen

Gloria's work has been accepted in over 40 national and international exhibitions.  She holds signature membership in the American Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Watercolors West, Northwest Watercolor Society and Knickerbocker Artist USA.

The three Lawrence Gallerys in Oregon represent her paintings.  Many corporate collections include her work. For further information Gloria can be contacted through

Sharon Smith

Sharon lives in Idaho Falls , Idaho and is one of the areas most gifted artists.  She creates her art using oil on board and pottery.  Sharon’s work is truly unique and  original.  More of Sharon Smiths work can be seen at her Bearstone Art studio.  Call her at 208-528-9019

Deanne Hally

These watercolors were created by the late Deanne Hally, a renowned local artist that lived and painted in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  She was famous for her watercolors of flowers.  She won numerous awards in the Western United States.  Idaho Art Images can print her beautiful work.  

Daren Jensen

Daren Jensen is a local artist who specializes in creating fine art using digital technology.  He is an upcoming artist who is becoming widely recognized for his abilities to transform photographs into works of fine art.  Daren’s works start with his original photographs and end up as what you see before you today.  Daren is an award-winning artist who has recently won several awards for his color variations and artistic impressions.  He has been awarded the people’s choice and judges’ choice awards in recent art shows. Daren can be contacted at 208- 681-7201

Email at    web site

Marie Jenkins

Marie Jenkins is a gifted artist that lives in Grace, Idaho.  She paints in oil and watercolor.  She has been the featured artist in a number of local art shows and won numerous awards for work.   For more of her work she can be contacted at 208-429-3660

Richard Bird

Richard is a retired professor of art in Rexburg, Idaho.  Richard is the finists watercolor artists in the West.  He won the 2006 Idaho Paints Idaho art competition.

His work is luminous and creative.  His work is a what other watercolorists  strive for.  More of Richards work can be seen at his art studio in Rexburg, Idaho    208-356-3763  

Alice Trumblee

Alice is a long time high school  art teacher in Idaho Falls where she worked for over 40 years.  She has been featured in many local art shows.  Her work was featured in a book published in 2006 titled  “Skyline”.

Alice loves watercolors and continues to create her art treasures.  For more of her work she can be contacted at  208-525-9430    email at  .

Roy Reynolds

Roy is one of the West’s finest oil paint artists.   Roy’s art was selected for the  Lewis and Clark Bi-Centenial celebration by the National Art Foundation in 2006.  Roy won the “Idaho Paints Idaho” art competition in 2005 and was recently the featured artist at the Eagle Rock Art Museum in Idaho Falls, Idaho where his entire art show was sold out before it opened.  More of Roy’s work can be seen at his art studio in Idaho Falls, Idaho   208-524-0457.

Mary Lou Orndorff

Mary Lou is a watercolor artist that lives and works in Boise.  She loves doing site specific paintings of old buildings in downtown Boise. Her work can be seen at Browns Gallery, Boise  St Lukes Boise Regional Hospital, and St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, Boise. 

 She can be contacted at    or 208-389-9604